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Colaboramos con administraciones generales, autonómicas y locales en la gestión de servicios públicos

Public administrations

We collaborate with national, regional and local administrations in the management of public services

Our Origin

We began our activity in 1992, in response to the demand for care of elderly or dependent persons, through telecare services.

Accumulated experience and new needs in society, have led us to extend our services to other groups such as female victims of gender-based violence and people convalescing or with chronic diseases.


Our unique value proposition contributes to a more efficient management of social and sanitary resources :

Atenzia Orienta: social support

At Atenzia, we work with different public administrations to improve citizens´ quality of life, responding to their needs and adapting the service to their different circumstances.

Comprehensive care for victims of gender-based violence

Information and counselling programmes for victims of gender-based violence provided by a multidisciplinary team of experts in psychology, social work, law and gender equality.

The assistance includes:

  • Information, guidance, referral and support in decision-making
  • Legal, social and psychological intervention in crisis or emergency situations
  • Monitoring of protection orders and equivalent judicial decisions to ensure the safety and protection of victims
  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Social care and support
  • Psychological and clinical psychosocial care
  • Advice on the social and employment reintegration process
  • Coordination with the resources available to victims of gender-based violence

Information for dependants.

Information and advice on resources, services and social benefits for dependent persons , as well as help on aspects related to:

  • Autonomy for BADL (Basic Activities of Daily Living).
  • Support products for dependants:
    • Technical aids and assistive technology
    • Functional adaptation of the home
Información a la dependencia

Active Ageing

Envejecimiento activo

We develop preventive programmes that aim to improve quality of life of the elderly. They promote the acquisition of attitudes, knowledge and skills that will help them to live healthily and improve their functional and psychological capacities, as well as to achieve an adequate level of interaction and personal growth in their environment.

The content of the programmes ranges from eating habits and physical exercise, to other aspects which are the result of the evolution of today´s society such as the handling of new technologies or devices, like for instance, tablets, smartphones, etc. as well as advice for interacting with family members

The programmes are organised according to thematic areas such as:

  • Physical activity and nutrition.
  • Safety and accident prevention
  • Educational training.
  • Leisure and entertainment.

Social emergencies

Assesment and information in response to social emergencies that make it possible to offer immediate social care to individuals and families.

Emergencia sociales

ACP model

Atenzia uses the ACP model, applying our knowledge and experience acquired during 25 years of activity. A dynamic model that is in a continuous process of evolution and adaptation to social changes. It is structured around four points of action:

  • Servicio individualizado y personalizado

    Individualised and personalised service
  • Entorno del usuario como coprotagonista del servicio

    The user environment, co-star of the service
  • Teleasistencia como servicio social público

    Remote assistance as a public social service
  • Servicio adaptado a los agentes del territorio

    Service adapted to the key players in the territory
Public administrations that have relied on us

Ministerio de Igualdad

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Generalitat Valenciana

Ayuntamiento de Santander

Diputación de Zaragoza

Institut Balear de la Dona

Comunidad de Madrid

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Ayuntamiento de Salamanca

Ayuntamiento de Valencia

Diputación de Alicante