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Programas que contribuyen a la optimización de los recursos sanitarios y sociales


Telehealth programmes that contribute to the optimization of health and social resources


Telehealth programmes aimed at improving the health and quality of life of people through a comprehensive and personalised intervention.

We manage permanent prevention and care programmes that include emergency care, psychosocial support, promotion of healthy habits, therapeutic adherence and monitoring of vital signs.

Programmes for patients

Designed so that public administrations can provide advanced care, monitoring and remote monitoring of their patients and optimize health and social resources.
Programas para pacientes

Atenzia´s integrated telehealth solution

Nuestra propuesta

New care assistance models: Telehealth

Nuevos modelos asistenciales

In the field of social and health care, there are two global trends: the progressive ageing of the population and the increase in chronic diseases .

Chronically ill people make up 80% of healthcare spending and the population of people over the age of 65 will increase by 23% by 2028. Implicit in this scenario is an increase in dependency and a more than significant rise in its human, social and economic cost.

The situation demands new service models of integrated care, with a personalised and comprehensive vision of the patient as well as continuous assistance, capable of taking on the care of dependent persons and the chronically ill.

Atenzia, a pioneer in telecare services since 1995, has developed new services to meet these needs. A challenge that was made possible through the constant integration of the latest technological advances, the professionalism of our teams and our many years of experience in caring for vulnerable people. A combination which allows us to maintain our commitment to a more personal and better care.

Telehealth programmes

Technological Support

Soporte Tecnológico

Atenzia Health Platform
Our software that was developed in-house that facilitates:

Trazabilidad de las intervenciones

Integration with other platforms

Integración con otras plataformas

Adaptable to specific requirements

Adaptable a requerimientos específicos

Tracking of interventions

Integración con otras plataformas

Continuous Development