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Insuficiencia cardíaca / EPOC / Diabetes

Atenzia Cuida

Heart failure / COPD / Diabetes

Atenzia Cuida

Comprehensive and personalised support programmes for chronic patients with heart failure, COPD or diabetes that promote the patient's acquisition of knowledge and skills required to improve their health.

Through these telehealth programmes, public administrations can provide advanced care and monitoring services for patients and can reduce the use of health and social resources. .

The model facilitates continuity and support in the management and control of the illness by the patient.

Atenzia´s integrated telehealth solution

solucion integral

Remote monitoring. This allows the continuous monitoring of the patient, the recording of their biomedical vital signs and the creation of a personalised alert system for the early detections of potential imbalances.

Programme phases

The implementation of the programme is carried out in three phases that facilitate the knowledge of the patient's personal situation, the joint establishment of achievable objectives and motivation throughout the entire process.

Valoración y Diagnóstico


Assessment and Diagnosis
Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of the situation.

Plan de intervención


Intervention plan
Recruitment of professionals, priorities and objectives of the intervention.



Acquisition of knowledge and skills to manage the disease.

Educación para la salud

Health education

Includes all information related to knowledge of the disease and the adequate management of its symptoms.
Adherencia a la medicación

Adherence to medication

Information about the medication indicated in the treatment of the illness, and its beneficial effects on the ailment, facilitating the patient´s completion of the treatment.

Diet and nutrition

Provides the patient with information about the eating habits appropriate to their situation and encourages the monitoring of this.
Ejercicio físico

Physical exercise

Provides the patient with the necessary instructions for carrying out a programme of physical exercise adapted to their condition, motivating them to also lead an active lifestyle. .


Informs the patient about the negative repercussions that certain toxic habits, such as smoking, can cause to their health. Provides the patient with the guidelines needed to give up this harmful habit.
Salud emocional

Emotional Health

Provides the patient with the assistance needed to improve mental health and emotional well-being
Entorno y red familiar

Family environment and network

Acts on the family network in order to improve the patient's quality of life.


Guidelines and recommendations for proper sleep hygiene, helping the patient to establish appropriate routines that help them to fall asleep.

Atenzia Salud:

Connecting patients, professionals and families

Atenzia Salud

Our health programmes, technological platform and philosophy allow us to be a means to connect the patient with whatever they need at all times.

Our 24 x 7 care centre assists the patient and mobilises resources in case of an emergency; and the possibility of coordinating everything with the contracting party, the necessary medical resources, provides the patient with security, peace of mind, company and help.


Atenzia Cuida Programmes

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  • Atenzia Cuida COPD
  • Atenzia Cuida Diabetes

Un modelo de Atención Integral y Personalizada

A model of Integrated and Personalised Care

Equipos Multidisciplinares

Multidisciplinary Teams

Un modelo de Atención Integral y Personalizada

Technology for Continous Assistance at Home