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Programas para promover la seguridad y autonomía de las personas

Atenzia Protec: advanced telecare

Programmes to promote people’s safety and independence

Atenzia Protec: advanced telecare

These programmes are intended to provide assistance, security, peace of mind, protection and company 24 hours a day/365 days a year, both in a personal and professional environment. In addition to its proven effectiveness in emergencies, we also resolve other types of incidents such as panic attacks or loneliness, accidents or falls.

Telecare for employees at risk

A programme that provides security and peace of mind to employees working in situations of risk and loneliness, protecting them in their work.

The service provides an immedate response to emergency situations, such as accidents, ailments caused by health problems, malfunctions and burglaries, deploying the necessary resources and informing the company and family members.

Recommended for:

  • Activities that take place in a situation of solitude and/or isolation.
  • Activities in risky exterior and/or interior locations.
  • Activities in mobility.
  • Activities at night or unusual hours.

Atención 24h/365días

Assistance 24h/365d

Equipos multidisciplinares


Centros de Atención Propios

Care Centres

Servicios públicos de emergencia

Notification to emergency