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Programas para promover la seguridad y autonomía de las personas

Psychological care

For employees and other groups

Psychological care for employees

Programmes that provide psychological care and support to employees who may be emotionally affected by professional incidents produced by situations of a high psychological impact such as:

Programas de atención psicológica

  • Accidents
  • Deaths
  • Professional conflicts
  • Management of stressful situations

Atenzia Salud:

Connecting patients, professionals and families

Atenzia Salud

Our health programmes, technological platform and philosophy allow us to be a means to connect the patient with whatever they need at all times.

Our 24 x 7 care centre assists the patient and mobilises resources in case of an emergency; and the possibility of coordinating everything with the contracting party, the necessary medical resources, provides the patient with security, peace of mind, company and help.


Telehealth programmes

Un modelo de Atención Integral y Personalizada

A model of Integrated and Personalised Care

Equipos Multidisciplinares

Multidisciplinary Teams