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Atenzia Protec: advanced telecare

This 24 hour support service allows people to be permanently connected with a team of social and health care professionals and to receive, with just a push of a button, immediate assistance in emergency or moments of insecurity, as well as continous care on a daily basis.

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The simplest and most effective solution for the home

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With GPS positioning. Safety inside and outside the home

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Atención inmediata Immediate care
Conexión permanente Permanent communication 
Gestión de emergencias  con recursos públicos  y/o privados Emergency management with public and/or private resources
Aviso a  familiares y personas del entorno Notification to relatives or social network
Llamadas de seguimiento Monitoring calls
Intervención multidisciplinar Multidisciplinary intervention
Unidad móvil Emergency response unit*
Custodia de llaves Key safe-keeping*
Dentro y fuera de casa Inside and outside the home
Recordatorio  medicación,  citas médicas... Reminder for medication, medical appointments, etc.
Orientación médica telefónica Medical Helpline*
Geolocalización GPS Location*

* Services subject to geographic availability and/or contract type

Personas Mayores


Personas que viven o pasan tiempo en soledad

People who live or spend time alone

Personas vulnerables

Vulnerable people 

Personas con discapacidad

People with disabilities

Pacientes crónicos

Chronic patients

Advanced telecare promotes people´s autonomy and independence.