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Especialista en el ámbito social y de la salud

Specialists in the social and health fields

25 years of experience in advanced telecare

About us

We began our activity In 1992, in response to the demand for care of elderly or dependent persons, through telecare services.

Accumulated experience and new needs in society, have led us to extend our services to other groups such as female victims of gender-based violence and people convalescing or with chronic diseases.

Our unique value proposition contributes to a more efficient management of social and sanitary resources and is based on:

Atención Personalizada

A model of Comprehensive and Personalised Attention

Equipo Multidisciplinar

Multidisciplinary teams

Asistencia a domicilio

Technology for Continous Assistance at Home

We manage permanent prevention and care programmes that include emergency care, psychosocial support, promotion of healthy habits, therapeutic adherence and monitoring of vital signs.

What we do

Programmes based on the real needs of people

Telecare: Atenzia Protec

Programmes to promote people’s safety and autonomy

Telehealth: Atenzia Salud

Telehealth programmes that contribute to the optimization of health and social resources

Social Support: Atenzia Orienta

Information, support and guidance programmes

Staff Vocation and professionalism


Our team is made up of 600 experts dedicated to the care and management of social and health emergencies. The team is multidisciplinary, made up of psychologists, social workers, nurses and doctors, among others

All our professionals receive continous training in order to carry out their work in the best way.

Quality R & D & I : Improving health and social care

The incorporation of constant improvements and state-of-the-art technology is a key aspect in care services.

We develop innovative projects that improve people´s safety, increase their confidence in using advanced care systems and facilitate the use of new devices.

Calidad  I+D+i

Gestión de la calidad y gestión ambiental certificadas por AENOR

Servicio certificado por AENOR

Atenzia está comprometida con el desarrollo de la sociedad a la que pertenece. Para ello ha establecido una Política de Calidad y medio ambiente que define nuestros compromisos con todas las partes interesadas.

Atenzia dispone de un sistema de gestión de la calidad conforme a la norma ISO 901:2015 desde el año 2002, así como de un sistema de gestión ambiental conforme a la norma ISO 14001:2015 cuyos alcances puede consultar en los siguientes enlaces:


More than 90 public and private institutions rely on us

Gobierno de España, Ministerio de igualdad
Comunidad de Madrid
Generalitat Valenciana
Govern Illes Balears
Gobierno de Navarra
Gobierno de Cantabria
Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Ajuntament de València
Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
Ayuntamiento de Salamanca
Ayuntamiento de Logroño
Ayuntamiento de Santander
Deputación de Lugo
Diputación de Zaragoza
Instituto Aragonés de la Mujer
Institut Balear de la Dona
Diputación de Valencia

Constant improvement

We work to constantly improve our services by applying:



We participate with Spanish and European partners in the development, adaptation and implementation of new technologies

  • T-Asisto2
  • T-Seniority



We collaborate with Public and Private Organizations in the analysis and design of new care models

  • University of Salamanca
  • Autonomous University of Madrid



We develop innovative projects that improve people's safety, increase their confidence in using advanced care systems and facilitate the use of new devices.