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Specialists in the social and health fields

With 25 years of experience in telecare, we manage preventive and permanent care programmes that include emergency care, psychosocial support, promotion of healthy habits, therapeutic adherence and monitoring of vital signs.


Telecare for Private Clients

24-hour peace of mind and security at the touch of a button.

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Hospitales y Aseguradoras médicas

Telehealth Programmes

For Hospitals and Medical insurers.

Empresas y Colectivos

Companies and other entities

Psycho-social care to employees for personal and professional situations.

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Especialista en el ámbito social y de la salud

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Atenzia health platform

A software developed in-house that allows continuous vital signs monitoring.

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Visita a la Delegación de Valencia

Una delegación compuesta por miembros del gobierno, universidades y empresas de Hong Kong, visitó la sede de Atenzia en la Comunidad Valenciana.

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Historias de teleasistencia

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