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Every day, every dream

Our challenges

Wellbeing is the goal with which Atenzia meets the needs and demands of our users. We create the best system of services with the aim of providing users with the autonomy and independence necessary to improve their quality of life. Through this, we achieve the positive impact we aim for in our work.

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The present and future of wellbeing

Atenzia is a leading model of care for people's wellbeing and health. Our aim is that every person has quality care within reach, at every location, time, and situation. Social and technological innovation are the tools which give us the capacity to project and resolve the needs of the society of the future.

From its beginnings, Atenzia has worked in a business culture centred on social wellbeing. Commitment, perseverance, integrity, empathy and an innovative spirit are what drive our team day-to-day.

Committed and motivated

We understand that life is made to be excited by and enjoyed, which is why we work with and accompany people so they can be the ones to decide how they wish to live it. From the moment we find out about their personal circumstances, we give each person the necessary encouragement to exceed their own expectations daily: with professionality and scientific rigour accompanied by a close and respectful human touch.


Responsible and comprehensive

The confidence placed in Atenzia by both our clients and their users is the key aspect which defines the relationship between us all. Transforming them into long-term relationships is something very important for us, underscored by our responsibility to each person and the professional integrity of the entire team of experts.

Experts and innovators

Our knowledge of the sector allows us to go further and open new paths to create health and social care solutions adapted to each situation in the future. The system of new services, its adaptability and measurement by positive impact are our goal, whatever the situation.


Empathetic and persevering

We put ourselves in your shoes, in your circumstances and the context of your real needs, we make them our own and offer you our know-how. To develop these solutions we give it our all. It is all about reaching the goal together, working as a team with a clear goal.

We offer you our knowhow. We bring together all our efforts to develop these solution. It is all about reaching the goal together, working as a team with a clear goal.

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