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To lead the definition of the concept of "wellbeing" by offering the best professional care service for people who require technical and human support to maintain an independent and active life. Through a model of person-centred, preventive, predictive, comprehensive and ubiquitous care, we offer services that enable vulnerable people to remain in their normal environment, expand their autonomy beyond their own home and improve their quality of life, by means of prevention, monitoring and health and social care intervention programmes, providing peace of mind and security to users and their loved ones. An Evolving Care model which adapts to the changing needs of the user. These services are based on the knowledge of professional experts and the use of advanced technology to address social needs such as those resulting from aging, dependency, domestic abuse, etc.


Atenzia aims to be a benchmark company and a pioneer in the development of care services for people to maximise their perception of well-being through technological innovation and social innovation. Atenzia understands that in the near future this care must be received both within and outside the home, offering the user real support in any place and at any time to allow them to lead a fully active and independent life.


Since our foundation, as a company dedicated to caring for people we have created a company culture based on values such as:

  • Commitment,
  • perseverance,
  • integrity,
  • friendliness and
  • an innovative spirit.

Values which our employees and suppliers must comply with and which we try to convey to society.